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Website Update

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It happened!

The days of my ugly static landing page have passed. I finally took the time to build a new one, and it turned into a fun project.

I started out from scratch and decided to tinker around with JavaScript, and since I really enjoy the efficiency of command lines, I came up with the idea to style my website as a terminal session. Take a look at it!

The actual website content like folders, links, files etc. is described as a file tree written in JSON and the user is able to move around in an absolute or relative manner.

Files are downloaded using wget, file contents are viewed using less, you can cd into directories or links, if you’re unfamiliar with a command, you can consult man and so on. There are several commands implemented and you can view the command palette via man shsh.

Pretty cool, eh?

Well… at least for someone who’s familiar with command lines. If you’re not, it might be a show stopper.

That’s why I created a second “default” page, which you can find here. It’s based on this beautiful template which I customized a little bit.

The code for my JS terminal is not yet on GitHub, but I’ll upload it in the near future.

So long