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• i3wm

I recently finished my last exam on my way to my master’s degree and wanted to spend some time off university related stuff.

While strolling through my G+ communities, I noticed that many users were posting screenshots of their DE / WM setup, especially in the Arch Linux, as well as the i3 users community. Seeing this, I came up with the idea for a webservice which allows users of tiling window managers (like i3wm) to upload and share their configurations, including links to wallpapers, GTK theme, config files etc.

It’s been a while since I did a project in Python and I’ve been keen on working with Flask microframework since I bought Miguel Grinbergs book on it some time ago.

I spent some days coding and trying different new things, and after I set up a server running Apache and a database my new project now is live at

It’s written using Python3 and Flask with additional plugins, uses OAuth2 to log in using your Google account, SQLAlchemy as ORM and is backed by a MariaDB database. It already features a (not fully) REST compliant interface to query and download themes via web browser, and after the next milestone will also be queriable via command line.

And here’s the greatest part about it: After I published my project, other people really seemed to like it and came up with a great follow up idea. Some G+ users are trying to build a “theme switcher” for i3 based on my gallery! :)

I’m really stoked to see that my work inspired others to build some additional new stuff! Hope it’ll find large acceptance!

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P.S. Upload your configs! ;)