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My New Tablet Case And The Joy Of Bluetooth Connections

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Recently I bought a new case for my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. The reason for this new case was its built in keyboard, something I got really used to for writing blog posts using MrHyde or checking stuff over SSH while on the go.

Show me the case!

Unfortunately I missed out reading the additional product information that it’s most likely not going to work on devices running Android 4.3 or higher, since 4.3 introduced a bug which broke communication with quite a lot of Bluetooth keyboards.

Meeeh, that’s not good. Especially since the case is of really good quality and I also like the keyboard very much.

So I started searching for possible solutions to my problem.

The first statement I read was that Google will release a fix which will get rid of this problem. Sounds cool in general, but since Samsung is quite lazy regarding updates for my Note 8.0 that’s not an option for me.

After a while I found an app called Bluetooth Keyboard Bug Fix, which promised to solve the issue. After installing the app I noticed it required root access, something I hadn’t aquired yet on my Note 8.0.

Conclusion: Root your device!

Everyone who’s already rooted an Android device once can surely tell you that there are tons of resources on how to do it. And the first thing I stumbled upon was a tool called framaroot, which was said to root my device in just the blink of an eye. Can’t tell you whether it’s true or not, the only thing framaroot did for me was telling me that the exploit didn’t work. Looks like framaroot doesn’t work anymore on Android 4.4.2.

The second option I found is a tool called CF-Auto-Root. Since it’s quite inefficient to write things twice I’ll just link you to the XDA thread which solved my problems: XDA

One thing you might still need are the Samsung USB drivers (Link) and a Windows machine (or virtual machine).

Long story short: Rooting the device and running the bug fix app solved the problem and got my new keyboard running! :)

So long