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Learning by Doing

• Dart, Flutter, Java, Spring, Mobile, and Backend

Learning by Doing

I’m always trying to keep up and running with new technology. One thing I discovered a while ago is Flutter, a framework for cross-platform mobile development.

On the other hand, I’d like to become more comfortable with things I already know. In this particular case I’m trying to deepen my knowledge in Spring Boot.

Putting both things together provides a solid base for a spare time project. So I’ll try to keep on developing a note taking app over the next few weeks. It should allow users to add simple notes with a title and a text on their mobile, with a nice user interface which allows to easily add / delete / archive entries.

All this should be done with Flutter, allowing the note app to run on Android and iOS. Notes should be synced to a back-end written in Spring Boot, an easy way to implement back-ends in Java.

I’ll start with implementing the back-end first and move on to front-end afterwards, so if I got you interesed, keep on coming!

So long